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  1. 239 Polariser

  2. Achieving White Light / Additive / Subtractive mixing.

  3. Additive & Subtractive colour mixing

  4. Are LEE Filters self adhesive?

  5. B1 Certificate Lighting filters

  6. Big Stopper - Blue cast?

  7. Blacklight

  8. Broken filters / holders.

  9. Can I duplicate a palette?

  10. Can I narrow the range of colours?

  11. Can I use a polariser & coloured filters together?

  12. Can I use a polariser and ND grad in the filter holder?

  13. Can I use filters on a digital compact?

  14. Can I use my existing screw in polariser with the LEE Filter Holder?

  15. Can I use the LEE system on a Canon 17mm TSE lens?

  16. Can I use the system on my Hasselblad CF 40mm?

  17. Can my scratched Resin Filters be polished?

  18. Can you make filters with two colours (i.e. ND & warm up)?

  19. Can you produce a colour temperature filter as a grad?

  20. Can you supply grad filters for Black & White photography ?

  21. China Dealers

  22. Cleaning of the Microfibre Cloth

  23. ClearLEE MSDS

  24. Do LEE make a filter for infra red photography?

  25. Do LEE make a system for the Zeiss 15mm?

  26. Do LEE make centre ND filters, for wide angle lenses?

  27. Do the bayonet adaptor rings fit the inner or outer bayonet?

  28. Do you have a lens cap for your system?

  29. Does LEE offer a product to reduce glare?

  30. Does the glass color fade?

  31. Faulty Big or Little Stopper / Red lines / Flare.

  32. Field Pouch

  33. Fitting a new LEE100 Holder Filter-Guide Block

  34. Fuji 60mm XF 2.4R

  35. How can I order or buy LEE Filters products?

  36. How can I tell which is the coated and which is the non-coated side of the glass?

  37. How do I attach lighting filters to a window

  38. How do I attach my filters to some Perspex / window etc?

  39. How do I calculate colour temperature shift ( mired shift )

  40. How do I clean my Polyester Filters?

  41. How do I clean my Resin Filters?

  42. How do I find a dealer?

  43. How do I find out more about the filters?

  44. How do I fine-tune my selection?

  45. How do I mount polyester filters in the plastic frames?

  46. How do I rename my palette?

  47. How do I reorder the colours in my palette?

  48. How do I save my palette?

  49. How do I see my colour bigger?

  50. How do I select a colour?

  51. How do I share my palette?

  52. How do I start a new palette?

  53. How do I store LEE resin filters?

  54. How does the Diffusion Finder work?

  55. How does the Gel Comparator work?

  56. How long will my Gel filters last?

  57. How many colours can I add to the palette?

  58. How many filters can I use before the image quality suffers?

  59. How much exposure compensation do I give Grad Filters?

  60. How thick are the gel filters?

  61. How to attach the LEE100 Holder

  62. How to attach the LEE100 Polariser

  63. How to remove the LEE100 Polariser

  64. How wide will the LEE Filter System go without vignetting?

  65. I have an idea to make the app better, or something is not working.

  66. I have lost the brass finger bolt / wedge / spring from my holder – help?

  67. I know what I'm after - how do I add it to my palette?

  68. I love this app! Who made it?

  69. I use SLR, Medium and Large Format cameras, does LEE have a system that can be used on all three?

  70. I'm seeing lots of palettes I didn't create?

  71. I've changed my mind, how do I delete the colour?

  72. If I had to buy just one filter, which would you recommend?

  73. If I put my filters in front of an high watt lamp will they burn?

  74. Inspiring Professional Book 1 & 2

  75. Is the Fluorescent Sleeve colour easily replaced?

  76. Is there a Dealer in Canada?

  77. Landscape Polariser

  78. LEE Ambassador Programme

  79. LEE filter iTunes books not available in my country

  80. LEE100 Holder - Adaptor & Filter Compatibility

  81. LEE100 Lens Hood.

  82. LEE100 System - 105mm Polariser Ring compatibility

  83. LEE100 System - Attaching the Polariser to the 105mm Polariser Ring

  84. LEE100 Tandem Adaptor

  85. Life Time Colour Filter - How long will the colour last

  86. My lens has a non standard fitting – How can I use the LEE System?

  87. Operating the LEE100 Holder locking dial (blue ring)

  88. Polariser ring 105mm - longer screws needed?

  89. Recycling polyester gels

  90. Red Darkroom Safelight Filter

  91. Removing the LEE100 Holder Filter-Guide Blocks

  92. Should I use hard or soft grads?

  93. Sigma 105mm f1.4 Art

  94. Sigma 12-24 MkI Mk1 or Mk2 MkII

  95. Sony Alpha cameras - which system.

  96. Spring / Wedge Clip

  97. SW150 Screw Thread Adaptors

  98. The charts are small, can I make them bigger?

  99. Tokina AT-X 11-20mm F2.8 PRO DX

  100. Very Hard and Medium Grads.

  101. What are the filters made from?

  102. What are the three primary colours?

  103. What do I need to get started using filters?

  104. What does 0.3, 0.6 etc. mean?

  105. What does the Y value mean?

  106. What filter do I need to convert a xK lamp to a colour temperature of yK?

  107. What filter sizes do LEE make?

  108. What is a blender filter?

  109. What is a stop?

  110. What is the difference between a Linear & Circular polariser?

  111. What is the difference between Resin, Polyester & Glass filters?

  112. What is the heat resistance of lighting filters?

  113. What is the maximum temperature the Dichroic Glass can withstand?

  114. What’s the difference between hard and soft grads?

  115. When should I use a wide angle adaptor ring?

  116. Where can I buy your photographic products?

  117. Where can I find LEE Gobos?

  118. Where can I get a swatch

  119. Where is my nearest Camera Filter dealer?

  120. Where is my nearest Lighting Filter dealer?

  121. Where would I use a glass filter?

  122. Which side should be placed toward the light source?

  123. Which system for my lens

  124. Why am I not getting what I expected from my search?

  125. Why does the LEE Field Pouch not take the Holder or adaptor rings?

  126. Why is 82mm the largest Wide Angle Adaptor Ring?

  127. Why is it if I am in List view and click back to Colour view there's only a few colours?

  128. Wide Rolls

  129. Will a Wide Angle Adpaptor Ring work on any lens?

  130. Will my filters burn?

  131. Will Quick Rolls fit any size fluorescent tube?

  132. Your website refers to a Source C - what is Source C?

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