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Removing the LEE100 Holder Filter-Guide Blocks

New to the LEE100 Holder are modular filter-guide blocks which come in one, two and three-slot configurations. These can be quickly and easily swapped over using the filter removal tool supplied.

Use the narrow end of the blue removal tool to pick out the grey cover plate.

The cover plates vary in size, according to whether the filter guide block has one,two or three slots.

Keep the plates safe with the blocks for future use.

Insert the larger, flat end of the blue tool into the small slot in the middle of the base of the guide block. Push the tool in until you feel resistance.

You are not prising the block loose – you are releasing a catch under the block,which holds it in place.

Hold the tool in place, maintaining some pressure, then ease the filter block inwards from one side only. The block should pop inwards and separate itself from the holder. The other side will then come away easily.

If the block does not pop inwards, apply slightly more pressure on the tool – it should be pushed inwards until you feel resistance.

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