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  1. Camera - LEE100 System 

    1. LEE100 Holder - Adaptor & Filter Compatibility
    2. How to attach the LEE100 Holder
    3. Operating the LEE100 Holder locking dial (blue ring)
    4. How to attach the LEE100 Polariser
    5. How to remove the LEE100 Polariser
  2. Camera 

    1. Very Hard and Medium Grads.
    2. Big Stopper - Blue cast?
    3. Can I use a polariser & coloured filters together?
    4. Can I use a polariser and ND grad in the filter holder?
    5. Can I use filters on a digital compact?
  3. Lighting 

    1. Where can I get a swatch
    2. Wide Rolls
    3. Are LEE Filters self adhesive?
    4. How do I attach my filters to some Perspex / window etc?
    5. How long will my Gel filters last?
  4. Lighting iPhone App 

    1. How do I start a new palette?
    2. How do I find a dealer?
    3. How does the Diffusion Finder work?
    4. How does the Gel Comparator work?
    5. I have an idea to make the app better, or something is not working.
  5. Architectural - Dichroic Filters 

    1. What is the maximum temperature the Dichroic Glass can withstand?
    2. Does the glass color fade?
    3. Does LEE offer a product to reduce glare?
    4. How can I tell which is the coated and which is the non-coated side of the glass?
    5. Which side should be placed toward the light source?
  6. Architectural - Fluorescent Sleeves 

    1. Is the Fluorescent Sleeve colour easily replaced?
    2. Will Quick Rolls fit any size fluorescent tube?
  7. All articles 

    1. Where can I get a swatch
    2. Is there a Dealer in Canada?
    3. Where can I find LEE Gobos?
    4. Spring / Wedge Clip
    5. Fuji 60mm XF 2.4R

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