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LEE100 Holder - Adaptor & Filter Compatibility

The new LEE100 Holder has been designed to be fully compatible with all existing LEE 100mm filters and Adaptor Rings. This includes:
Existing LEE 105mm Polariser users can continue to use their filter, but they will require the new LEE100 Polariser Ring, which enables speedy attachment to the new Holder. 

The 105mm Polariser Ring is designed specifically to be compatible with our slimline Landscape Polariser. Other polarisers can be used with the 105mm Ring, but these may have some restriction on angle-of-view.

Adaptor Rings
All existing LEE 100mm Adaptor Rings are compatible with the new LEE100 Holder.

Please note that because tolerances used in manufacture may have changed over the years some older Adaptor Rings may only achieve limited locking function with the new LEE100 Locking Dial.

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