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What is the difference between Resin, Polyester & Glass filters?

LEE Resin filters are individually hand made, the 2mm Optical Resin is cast in our factory, hand dyed and cut to give a very high quality product both in colour accuracy and optical quality. They are hard wearing and ideal for use on location.

Polyester Filters are made on a master roll, the colour being coated onto the surface of the clear polyester base material. Because the filters are very thin (0.1mm) the optical quality is high. Polyester is a good, low cost alternative to Resin, but because of the manufacturing process polyester grads are not available.

The Glass Filters that LEE offer tend to be specialist filters that are not available in other materials, such as the ProGlass series or polarisers. They are hard wearing and scratch resistant but tend to be expensive. Do not drop!

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