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Wide Rolls

The following filters are available as Wide Rolls. These are all Technical and Diffusion filters.

6.10m x 1.52m (20' x 60")
201Full CTB
204Full CTO
205Half CTO
206Quarter CTO
207Full CTO + .3 ND
208Full CTO + .6 ND
223Eighth CTO
402Soft Frost
404Half Soft Frost
429Quiet Frost
439Heavy Quiet Frost
414PPerforated Highlight
439PPerforated Heavy Quiet Frost
2090.3 ND
2100.6 ND
2110.9 ND
2980.15 ND
2991.2 ND
275Black Scrim

7.62m x 1.52m (25' x 60")
216White Diffusion
250Half White Diffusion
251Quarter White Diffusion
252Eighth White Diffusion
416Three Quarter White Diffusion
450Three Eighth White Diffusion
452Sixteenth White Diffusion

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